Misfitlock AU sketches

I found these in my sketchbook from when Nat and I were planning a Misfits AU and I decided to scan and colour it as a warm up.

Above we have Sebastian and Jim, as young offenders. And Matthew McNulty as Shinwell Johnson as… Seth. So, you know, essentially doing the exact same thing. 

A load of sketchbook stuff, characters and locations for a comic I’m working on called Half Life as part of CBIC.

You can see more about the group here and everyone’s work here

Process Animation for this image

Shanarlie Punk!AU

Been doodling this a bit on and off. What’s a good fandom without some AUs, eh? 

this is becoming a series of bee things. what is my life.

Sherlock + Castiel + Jimmy Price

Another doodle to go along with the Sherlock and Jimmy Price ones


Mamma got herself some groovy new promo materials. Hohoho

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Roses are planted where thorns grow,
And on the barren heath
Sing the honey bees.

Today’s warm up doodle. To fit in with Jimmy Price. Free cuddle if you work out what my next doodle will be of haha

Worker bees can fly away,
even drones can leave;
the queen is their slave.

Little warm up doodle I did after I watched Hannibal. 

I’m sorry, but this is literally all I got from the latest episode.

some more WIPs

sigh this is taking far too long. obsessing over things. sigh sigh.