Starting to work on a new secret project… very exciting. A new competition will run alongside it when it happens ehehehe

S: Pay attention to me, not your phone
J: Make me…

I doodled this in my sketchbook earlier (a lot for Shannen, thank you for doing fem!mormor with me ;D) because I’ve been fem!mormor on the brain a bit recently. Aaaand then I scanned it in and coloured it in Photoshop because of reasons. Important reasons.

So have a youngish Jade and Sebastienne. 

Guess which part of this I focused on the most hoho 
This is what happens when I don’t use any references… sigh

barumonster replied to your photo I don’t think I’ve posted this on this blog? But sin…

 This is so adorable, I can’t even.


For some reason as soon as I read your (super lovely!) comment, I couldn’t help but picture Sebastian reacting to it, and just being mega-amused at being referred to as adorable. And I just… I had to doodle a thing. So yes…



I don’t think I’ve posted this on this blog? But since it’s apparently now a thing (mormor in onesies)?? This is two years old, though, and was based on an RP that myself and the lovely sebastianwouldbeappalled did together (how to efficiently ruin an evening, German Style). 

A little tribute to my homeboy Iain Watters following the aftermath of Bingate 2014

Be safe sweet prince. 

I watched How I Live Now for the first time a few days ago, and I’ve been recommending it to a lot of people since. It also reignited my love for Saoirse Ronan, so I did a little hour-doodle.

Did some what I wore doodles as warm ups and then paid them a little more attention than I intended. Oh well. Here’s a few from the last two weeks or so. 

I did this around Christmas time for the Pacific Rim Collaboration thing that was going on, but I don’t think it ever came together, so I guess it’s okay to just post these now? (eight months on)

For my final year exhibition, my tutor thought it would be fun to stick up 50+ of my fanarts on a wall and see how visitors felt  about my take on bees and gay porn.

All of these images are on this blog somewhere. You can find them here.

"What is it with you and ugly full colour tattoos?"
"Nothing wrong with wanting things that inject a little colour into your life."

Mormor AU: Punk!Sebastian and Hipster!Jim are both art students at the same university. Sebastian doesn’t even really notice Jim until he goes to get his back-piece touched up, and who’s the tattoo artist in-shop, but Jim. 
Sebastian pesters him trying to figure out what tattoos he has, but since Jim always wears giant sweaters or shirts buttoned to the neck, he never finds out, until they get a little more intimate. 


Might have a small obsession with this. I meant to put way more into Sebastian’s tattoos, but then I did one and couldn’t be arsed with the work on a bunch of others. I already spent far too many hours on this, putting any more in at this point would just be ridiculous.