Spent a few days with the girlfriend, and we marathoned a series and a half of Orphan Black and I absolutely fell in love with Helena so I had to try drawing her. 

Also haven’t had the space to draw since I moved house, so I’m currently awkwardly balanced on a reclining chair with my laptop and tablet. whoops.

Been doing the Colour Palette Meme from my main blog. Here are four I did for the lovely Meg as part of our irl Misfits AU. Here’s da cruuuu

(Powers and People, clockwise), Me & Genderswap, Shannen & Werecat, Meg & Florakenesis, Elise & Invisibility. 


wistfullywriterly asked: Jim, what’s your favourite class, and why?

Jim: Mathematics. It’s logical, precise, and to the point. You either solve an equation, or you don’t. There is no place for wistful interpretation. 

Sebastian: It’s because he’s a boring old sod. 

reblog from the teenlock blog i run with my dearest rp partner, Nat.

Check it out for all sorts of glorious nonsense!

the gaaaaang wow

Okay, this is it, this is the last misfits stuff tonight. goodbye i am done.


I’m kind of free from uni a little bit now, and to celebrate my freedom, I drew myself if I was a character from misfits, because there have been a lot of cute rpf misfits au discussions and fanfiction running around and yes hehehehe yes

The first page of my CBIC comic contribution. You can see more of the collective here, it’s updated every day usually, but for now only has Vic, Danny and my work on it. 

Anyway, my comic is called Half Life, and if I’m honest, it’s essentially Destiel Fanfiction, only I’ve changed Dean to Sean and Cas to Chris. Because I’m clever like that. It’s set between season 8 and 9, because I wrote it then, originally with no knowledge of how the cliff hanger would be resolved, so it will be my take on that. Yup, anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and stick around to see it come to life!

I haven’t updated in a while, so have a bunch of stuff I’ve been doing for uni (frantically) the last couple weeks (days ahhahaha)

Misfitlock AU sketches

I found these in my sketchbook from when Nat and I were planning a Misfits AU and I decided to scan and colour it as a warm up.

Above we have Sebastian and Jim, as young offenders. And Matthew McNulty as Shinwell Johnson as… Seth. So, you know, essentially doing the exact same thing.